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Wild New Territories – 2: “Blooming Britains”

January 28, 2013

Down on Coal Harbour Green … Art!


DSC04369 DSC04366




Above, a few examples from  “Blooming Britain” –  by Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg.

This is an installation as part of Wild New Territories,  a series of exhibitions, outdoor works, performances and workshops co-curated by Ron den Daas and Kathy Kenny.

It’s also a case where the context changes the intent of the art – at least as I interpreted it.

The formal description:

This series of prints depict amateur gardeners in postindustrial regions around the UK. An inquiry into the dynamics between public display and the gardeners’ social standing, the gardens function as blank canvases for people’s stories and imagery.

For me it was the contrast between two high-rise, high-density environments: one in which the British gardeners had claimed their own space in these post-war projects and literally cultivated an expression of their individuality, and the other, at Coal Harbour (no individual gardens here) where an icy formality expressed the affluence of the condo-owners and the collective responsibility of the Park Board.



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