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Brent Toderian, Jarrett Walker – top planning twitterati

November 27, 2012

Planetizen augmented its comprehensive list of Twitter’s top sources for news and observations about urban planning, design and development by recognizing this year’s Top Ten Feeds.  Here’s the list, with details on the two with strong Vancouver connections.

(1) Bruce Katz – @bruce_katz

(2) Brent Toderian – @BrentToderian

After only six months of tweeting, the former chief planner, and current chief booster, for Vancouver, has quickly established himself as one of the most active and respected voices on urban issues on the platform. With more than 3,500 tweets (around 20/day), the Planetizen blogger is also one of the most prodigious.

(3) TransportationNation – @TransportNation

(4) Emily Badger – @emilymbadger

(5) Gary Kavanaugh – @GaryRidesBikes

(6) Governing – @GOVERNING

(7) Jarrett Walker – @humantransit

The respected author and public transit guru fires shots across the bows of transportation engineers, planners, and public officials around the world in the bite-sized extension of his Human Transit blog. Walker isn’t shy about making his well considered opinions known.

(8) New Geography – @newgeography

(9) Cameron Sinclair – @casinclair

(10) Archinect – @archinect

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