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We Want 6 – Another protest against SkyTrain cutbacks:

November 16, 2012

From SkyTrain for Surrey:

In the wake of growing transit ridership and growing transit need, a frequency reduction in the service that serves as the backbone of the entire Metro Vancouver transit system would be an irresponsible choice given the minimal savings and potentially large impact on ridership, ride quality and servicing ability.

Waits between trains on the SkyTrain Expo Line in Surrey and Millennium Line will increase from 6 to 8 during the weekends and potentially off-peak weekday periods  as well, and from 8 to 10 during the late night. This is a big difference that will impact riders’ abilities to catch connecting buses at SkyTrain stations – particularly in the late night !

We need YOU to help us keep the numbers growing and keeping the attention spread!

Realizing the urgency of opposing these service cuts is an easy task. It really only takes a moment of standing on the Metrotown Station platform in Burnaby on a Saturday or Sunday and watching the scene unfold to know that the proposed cuts are going to be a catastrophe for SkyTrain commuters, like perhaps you!

We have close to 70 signatures and growing and have received media features in various local newspapers as well as the Province. Our campaign is moving and is achieving results. Please help us in taking the final steps!

Sign here.

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