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Artists Walking Home: Re-Imagining Wayfinding

October 19, 2012


This autumn, Roundhouse Community Centre Artist in Residence Catherine Pulkinghorn is facilitating four public sessions of the Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown project.

Catherine and her team of university interns Aska, Christine, Madeleine and Sandy W. have been researching current wayfinding systems in Yaletown including signage, design and urban planning elements. Sandy C. and Carter have also joined the team this autumn, collaborating on the upcoming workshops and preparing for our 2013 art programming. Thus far guest planners, designers, architects, curators and their professional organizations have contributed to our research, as well as participant Moms, Youth and Seniors who have also provided interpretations on the design and development of ideas and practices influencing wayfinding and public space in Yaletown.

Please join the Artists Walking Home team on one or more of the four intergenerational walks and workshops to re-imagine what Wayfinding is and could look like in Yaletown!

Times and Dates

Sat Oct 20 2-4:30pm Nature in the City Aska Djikia
Sat Oct 27 2-4:30pm Commuting & Transportation Christine Carino
Sat Nov 3 2-4:30pm Architectural Features Madeleine Hebert
Sat Nov 17 2-4:30pm Signage & Wayfinding Catherine Pulkinghorn
& Cygnus Group

Registration Details
*** Registration details have changed, please read through the updates ***
• The workshop is free to attend.
• Space is limited to 20 participants per session, so please pre-register. Please email us your name, age and phone number, and the names, ages and phone numbers of anyone else you are registering, to to reserve your spot, with the subject title “Re-Imagining Wayfinding RSVP”
• Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of your email.

Please contact Catherine with questions or to register by phone:
Telephone: (778) 709-2075

Remember to dress weather-appropriate and eat your lunch before the walk, because we will be roughing the outdoors rain or shine!

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  1. October 20, 2012 12:40 pm

    By purely surfing the ‘Net on reading other blogs, I came across this article on how Vancouver’s homemade artistic bike signs were created for some traffic circles: I love this type of guerilla public art.

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