Auckland correspondent Kent Lundberg writes:

“Someday I will compile all these stories where worst case scenarios don’t materialise.” Like Carmageddon 2 in Los Angeles this last weekend:

There were some fears that the second coming of “Carmageddon”, a full closure of the 405 between the I-10 and the I-101, might really bring the disastrous traffic jams that were imagined but never materialized the last time around. By all accounts, traffic was no worse this weekend in Santa Monica and the Westside than any typical sunning idyllic weekend..

So how about contributing your nominations for promised traffic chaos, heavily promoted by media, that next day … “oh, never mind.”

Vancouver’s best example: the Burrard Bridge separated bike lane that took a lane away in July 2009.  Helicopters were ready to document the much-anticipated impacts; radio shock jocks were primed.  Result: pretty much normal traffic flows, much to their disappointment.

Other examples welcome in Comments.