From Metro News:

City engineers want to take advantage of extra capacity on the Granville Street Bridge by installing a two-lane greenway for cyclists and pedestrians in the middle of it as early as 2015.

The proposal is subject to further study and consultation as part of the city’s draft Transportation 2040 plan, which will be presented to council for approval in October. So far the greenway is just a concept, but transportation director Jerry Dobrovolny said repurposing the centre of the bridge at some point in the next few years would be an efficient move.

“Because the centre of the bridge leads into Granville Street downtown, which has no through-traffic for vehicles and also has a very high pedestrian component, it’s actually a good fit.”


Michael Alexander suggests one step further: take out the middle lanes of the bridge on Granville at the north end:


In other words, imagine the Granville Street part of bridge deck (or at least the middle two lanes) removed from where the Howe/Seymour ramps begin to Drake Street – the section in red, below.  (Remember, the cloverleaf ramps in between will be removed in any event to make developable parcels.)



This would allow for a direct connection to the underside of the bridge, where the BIG/Dialog proposal would create a commercial village, and for a direct Granville Street connection to False Creek and seawall.


Ron Richings also asks:

At one time there was a plan to build an elevator from Granville Island to about the middle of the Granville Street Bridge deck.   I am just back from Portland, where there have recently built a somewhat similar facility: a 10-storey elevator for walkers and cyclists that connects with a bridge deck – in this case over a freeway rather than water.

So why not here?