Progress Lost, Progress Redefined, Progress Regained—How Location Efficiency Performance Measures Are Being Used to Achieve Economic Security

Scott Bernstein, President – Center for Neighborhood Technology Thursday, March 22, 2012, 7:00 p.m. Room 1700, Harbour Centre – SFU Vancouver 515 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver ADMISSION: Free, but you must reserve a seat at:

A new index of combined affordability of housing + transportation, which cost households at least half of their available income, are being tested by federal agencies, metropolitan organizations, states and local governments. The results are encouraging. Agencies taking combined affordability into account have shifted billions of dollars in long-term commitments from highways to transit; provided incentives for locational preference in in subsidized housing; and awarded capital intended to demonstrate the efficacy of place-based integrated resource strategies.

Location-efficient neighborhood residents felt only one-quarter the economic “pain” felt due to gas prices by those in average neighborhoods, while those in the least-efficient places experienced their region’s highest foreclosure & bankruptcy rates.