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Annals of Cycling – 36

December 14, 2011

An occasional update on items from the Velo-city..




From Ron Richings: “Whatever you may think about electric boost bicycles, this is an interesting way of combining them with an electric car.”

From Bike Europe:

The minicar subsidiary of Mercedes recently revealed an urban e-mini concept car which is part of the ‘ForTwo’ car generation. Remarkable about the e-mini concept car is that it integrates e-bikes.

More details here.




How San Francisco became a cycling city:

Much of the city’s success with cycling has happened in the last five years, with a 58% increase in levels of cycling witnessed between 2006 and 2010. However, what is most impressive about this growth is that between these dates the city was legally incapable of developing its bicycle network.

New York too: Number of Bicyclists Keeps Climbing, City Says 




…  if you’re biking without a light in San Francisco this month and a cop pulls you over, it’s possible that he’s trying to issue you a light, not a ticket. Thanks to Light Up the Night, a collaboration between the city’s transit authority and the nonprofit San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, 2,000 bike lights purchased by the city will find a home with unsuspecting bikers traveling without lights this season.

More here in Good Cities.


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