From CanadianVeggie:

I did some number crunching on from the City’s latest counts on the separated bike lanes.

Some highlights:

– The Burrard Bridge has seen over 1 million bikes pass over it in the past year (1,020,216)

– The Dunsmuir separated bike lane saw year-over-year increases of 17% in July and a whopping 43% in August.

– There were more cycling trips over the Burrard Bridge on July 9 (the Saturday of the Summer Live Concert) than cyclists who rode the  Gran Fondo yesterday to Whistler, and a lot less lycra (7619 vs 7000)

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Here is the source for CanadianVeggie’s numbers – the City’s web site for Dunsmuir and Hornby:

In July and August 2010, an average of 1900 cyclists used the Dunsmuir Street separated bike lanes (Richards to Homer) on mid-week days. These numbers dropped to a mid-winter low of 800 per day in December 2010 and have been climbing since then. By August 2011, mid-week bike volumes had reached 2600 per day, nearly 40% above August 2010.




From the Journal of Commerce:

Vancouver electrical contracting firm tries using bikes

One electrical contracting company has found an innovative way to deal with traffic congestion and limited parking in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.  Mott Electric is using pedal-assisted electric bikes for some of its staff.

“We feel this will make a significant difference,” said Dan Mott, company president.

He noticed that the city lost a significant number of parking spaces due to the implementation of the city’s bike lanes (Ed. – Not true, but what the heck) and that there was also a reduced number of commercial lanes.

“With what was going on with bike lanes, it seemed like a good idea,” he said. …

The company is testing two bikes at the downtown office and another two at the Burnaby office. The bikes are working out better downtown due to the traffic and parking logistics, as well as the lack of serious hills.   Also, everything in the downtown core is a 10 to 15 minute ride away. “We don’t have to drive around in circles to find a place to park,” he said.

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