A Province editorial, dated August 23, 2011 but actually from about 1956:

As much as many people would sympathize with the idea of Province letter writer Laura Lynn to hold an inquiry into TransLink spending, it’s unlikely much would be learned not revealed in the 2009 audit by thencomptroller-general Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland.

She found that the much-despised transportation authority had a structural deficit because its constant expansion of services was outstripping its ability to pay. Certainly nothing has changed since, with TransLink promoting its Evergreen Line despite having enough cash without imposing new, totally unpopular tax hikes on a tapped-out and angry public, particularly drivers.

The overpaid social engineers at TransLink, on various municipal councils, and various taxpayer funded institutions such as Simon Fraser University have created the mess.

TransLink’s recent breathless announcement that ridership is again at an all-time high can be largely blamed on the organization and its backers’ constant attack on drivers. North America-high fuel taxes, criminal parking tax rates and a failure to upgrade the road system leading to congestion has forced people who otherwise would look after their own transportation needs on to public transit.

TransLink needs to stop expanding, take a breath, and work within its budget and not, as its officials constantly whine, demand higher taxes. As well, private transportation should be encouraged much more than is currently the fashion.