Scott Billings and Josh Hite, video artists, are working on a project inside of the Burrard Bridge.

Yup, inside. 

There’s a stairwell on the southwest end that allowed people to access Kits Point without having to walk an extra kilometre to the end of the bridge and back.  Access didn’t last more than a few months after the bridge was opened in 1932.  It was a desolate space, and even back then, notably during the Depression, the light fixtures and brass railings went quickly missing.  Within six months it was sealed – and has remained closed ever since.

Until now.

Scott and Josh, with support from the City Engineers, the Vancouver Public Art  Program, Canada Council and B.C. Arts Council grants, will be – at least briefly – opening up the stairwell for their project, which involves constructing a device to take a camera up and down the stairwell in a helical fashion, looking at both the space itself, and the ideas circulating around stairwell images in cinema. 

They’re on a search for interested individuals and groups to sign up to enter into the space April 18 to 22. 

We’re asking people to walk in and let us shoot them, either creating something pre planned, or simply walking down to the bottom and back up again.  There will most likely be actors carrying out roles during these times. 

Interested?  Contact Josh at