You can determine the ‘walkability’ of your neighbourhood by using Walk Score – a website will give you a rating out of 100 for practically any address in North America.  But can you do the same for ‘bikeability’?

Sort of.  You may not yet be able to do so for any address, but at least you can find out what elements go into determining what makes a community more bike friendly.   Nathan McNeil is a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University – and he’s just published his paper on “Bikeability and the 20-Minute Neighbourhood.”

Not surprising that this work has come out of Portland, a community that is not just a mecca for active transportation but which also  has a culture that generates the research needed to advance the transformation of communities.

Thanks to Ron Richings.

UPDATE: Just in case you missed in it in Comments, Adam Parast of the Seattle Transit Blog sent in a similar project he did for an advanced GIS class. “My project wasn’t based on as good of data (ie Jennifer Dill’s work) but if you take a look at the results they show the same trends. “