PDX comes up with another great idea to celebrate its public spaces – this time its bridges.

In 2010, our inaugural year, our goal is to celebrate what makes Portland a great city in which to live, work, play, and create — by celebrating the bridges that connect us all.   60+ events. More than two dozen bands, DJs, and performers. Over 150 artists. 24 films. One historic picnic. And a few unavoidably large art installations. All of it taking place at more than 27 venues around the city. 

Best of all: The finale event of the Festival will transform the center lanes of the Hawthorne Bridge into a temporary grassy park fi t for a picnic of thousands! This historic event centers around an open-air food experience in a nontraditional location, to strengthen the bonds between our urban and rural communities and the food we eat.

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UPDATE: Not to mention – when it comes to ‘greener than thou’ – this:

Portland Mayor Sam Adams and General Electric Co. executives are forging a first-of-its-kind partnership that will include retrofitting drafty buildings with energy-saving technologies and helping local startups sell their clean-technology products abroad.

GE, the global industrial conglomerate, will also help the “Rose City” bring to life five “EcoDistrict” pilot projects — enclaves that would manage their own energy, water, waste and other systems — as well as build, perhaps, the world’s greenest office building.