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So, the Golden Ears Bridge isn’t getting the traffic expected.  Is this another Clem7 situation – where over-optimistic projections fail to match with reality, and leave the government on the hook for the difference?

Voony thinks so.  And he has other examples.

A “phony” forecast can be achieved by means of “strategic error[2]. In the GEB example, we have already noticed the not only undesirable (from a sustainability viewpoint) but also unrealistic linear and infinite growth in car ownership and vehicular traffic.

More, the GEB forecast [3] takes account of all the contributive investment inducing more traffic, like road widening, but carefully ignores the competitive ones, especially the already underplanned twinning of the Port Mann bridge [8]

Ironically, the Port Mann bridge twinning and all the Gateway projects in the Lower Mainland are grounded on the same flawed studies, sometimes provided by the same consultant [9], which have proved wildly inaccurate…

That doesn’t prevent the province proceeding full steam ahead …



The fast-motion shots of freeway traffic in Koyaanisqatsi evoke the visual metaphor of blood cells in veins and arteries.

Check out this fascinating video of “every bus vehicle arrival at every stop in the Portland area transit system over from 4AM to 12-midnight on a weekday.”

Ants, anyone?