So far, so good.


The media predicted chaos; they got “trouble-free start.”  Since first impressions can establish the frame from which all other subsequent stories are drawn, this is good news for the Mayor.


The real test will be in a few hours, of course, when the afternoon rush starts.  Will the Granville Bridge draw enough traffic to ease the flow on Burrard and Thurlow?

Nonetheless, the differences between this pilot and the 1996 failure are dramatic: better preparation, better messaging, choosing the east side of the bridge for the lane, and so many more cyclists.

And more just than cyclists.  Those on feet, though inconvenienced by having to get to the west sidewalk for all crossings, have benefitted immensely both in terms of safety and comfort.

Runner on bike logo

And they’re not the only ones:


Baby and roller blader  Baby 2