More good news from New York, a city that almost monthly sets public-space precedents for North America.  Yesterday, the High Line opened.

 More pics from Fast Company here:

Highline 2

From the NY Times:

The High Line project is something of a New York fairy tale, given that it started with a couple of guys who met at a community board meeting in 1999 — Joshua David, a writer, and Robert Hammond, a painter — and discovered they shared a fervent interest in saving the abandoned railroad trestle, which had been out of commission since 1980 and was slated for demolition during the Giuliani administration.

That began a decade-long endeavor that involved rescuing the structure and enlisting the Bloomberg administration in its preservation and renovation.

The High Line, though unique on this continent, has itself a precedent in Paris’s Promenade Plantee.   More about that in this issue of Price Tags.