Every year the SFU City Program presents a speaker in urban design, sponsored by VIA Architecture.  This year, something different.  Given that it’s the firm’s 20th anniversary (some will remember it as Baker, McGarva, Hart) and that they have offices in both Vancouver and Seattle, we came up with an idea to ‘celebrate’ both cities:

VIA poster

The idea, you see, is that two proponents of their respective cities will reverse roles, and argue for the merits of the other’s city.

That means I, as the Vancouverite, have to bump off the arguments of Peter Steinbrueck, an articulate architect and previous city councillor in Seattle, to make the case that his city is actually superior to Vancouver.


It seemed like such a clever idea, until I actually had to think about what I’d say.  So Price Tags readers, how about it: what examples would you put forward to make the case that Seattle in so many ways is a much better town than this village on the edge of the rain forest?

And while you’re at it, you might want to reserve a space for the event on Tuesday, June 16 at 7 pm – SFU Harbour Centre.  Email cstudies@sfu.ca or call 778-782.5100.

In addition to questions taken from the floor immediately following the debate, attendees will have an opportunity to submit questions in advance through VIA’s website at www.via-architecture.com (click on ‘The Firm’—’VIA Blog’).