Brisbane Bike Guy, Peter Berkeley (actually the Active Transportation planner for Queensland), sends along a brilliant concept being pushed by EDAW and Maunsell / AECOM in Australia. 

The No Excuse Zone.

Simple concept:

Based on a series of test rides, a zone around the Sydney CBD was mapped to measure the distance a healthy person can cycle within half an hour.  The map is surprisingly far reaching and provocatively suggests that if a person lives within this zone – the No Excuse Zone – and works in the CBD, then they should cycle to work at least a few days a week.

Here’s the map for Sydney:


Which looks like this:


In the very readable CycleCity Strategy, there is also a proposal for a network of bicycle freeways:


I’ve always thought that the bike works great within a 5 km radius, which for me encloses everything from Commercial Drive to 16th Avenue to the water.   So how about a No Excuse Zone for Vancouver?  I’ve suggested the idea to the Greenest City Task Force, on which I’m now sitting.