Mark Hornell, loyal PT reader and Victoria city planner, responded to the post below that noted, according to the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine, Vancouver is the “Best Walking City in Canada.”   

Oh, really? wonders Mark.

Here in Victoria we take some pride in the walkability of our city, where we have a 24 hour walk mode share of 17% of all trips based on the most recent household travel survey. Looking at 2006 census journey to work numbers, 16% walk to work in the CMA as a whole, with the number rising to 49% of folks living in the City’s central area.

Downtown Vancouver’s rate is probably higher than Victoria’s downtown, but I suspect that at the city and CMA levels, Victoria is more of a walking town than Vancouver.

Coincidentally, Vancouver’s Council will be receiving a report from the Engineers that answers that very question.  (You can see the report here.)

They’ve included charts which report that in 2006, about 40 percent of Downtown Vancouver residents walk to work – a very high rate, but not as good as Victoria’s Central Area, which measured close to half. 


For Vancouver City, only about 12 percent walked to work, compared to Victoria’s 17 percent:


 For Metro Vancouver, a pathetic 4 percent:


Better appeal that award to the Podiatrists, Mark.