It’s the best-looking building on the Sea-to-Sky Highway:

Squamish Adevnture Centre

Mind you, there’s not a lot of competition.

Squamish Strip

This is the Squamish Adventure Centre – essentially a tourist information booth scaled to its setting and appropriate for, truly, the world-class outdoor-recreation opportunities in this region.

The architect was Richard Iredale, and he combined his design vocabulary with the metaphor of an eagle’s wings.

Squamish Adventure Centre entrance

The 9,500-square-foot structure naturally (and literally) has to meet a high standard of sustainability: locally sourced materials (in fact sap from the fir will continue to seep for up to four years), no use of chemicals in the water, much of which is retained rainfall, crushed basalt for the footings and no preloading to minimize impact on the wetlands.

Expect better landscaping when the highway turn-off is completed.  Which is, of course, the irony.  This is all part of a largely auto-dependent transportation system – as reflected in the advertising for development occurring in the corridor:

Waterfront Landing ad

“Easy commutes.”  Until you get to Taylor Way and Marine in West Vancouver.