Admit it, as much as we may admire the winners of prestigious architecture awards, what we love are the losers – those projects so bad, they are worthy of their own kind of recognition.

Hence, the Carbuncle Cup. 

Launched last year by “BD” – an architectural website in Britain – “the Carbuncle Cup is to the Stirling Prize what the Golden Raspberries are to the Oscars.”  This year’s nominees are here

A sample:

Carbuncle 1

It’s Opal Court in Leicester, by Stephen George. 

And another, “More London,” an office complex by Foster and Partners:

Carbuncle 2

It was nominated by Edwin Heathcote, architecture critic of the Financial Times, who writes:

Reasons to hate More London: More Toronto, Less London. Corporate facelessness, slick and facile glass and steel in a sea of ill-conceived and sinister public space, all CCTV, chain sandwich shops and overchlorinated fountains.

More Toronto?  That’s pretty low, Edwin.