A sterling example in today’s Oregonian (thanks to Sightline’s TidePool) on the attitude of the Federal Highway Administration when it comes to planning for the future.

Metro, the regional government responsible for strategic planning in the Portland area, is giving the highest priority to projects that support the region’s goals for coping with growth, whether that means more roads, more transit or more bicycle lanes.

Not good enough for the FHA.

The highway agency scolded Metro for not focusing more on highways, cars and parking.

“The plan should acknowledge that automobiles are the preferred mode of transport by the citizens of Portland,” the agency said. “They vote with their cars every day.”

So there we have it: People vote with their cars, therefore we must build more roads, so people can drive more, which means they’re voting for more roads – and more cars, forever.  Which is what keeps the FHA in business, providing infinite capacity for infinite demand.

Suggested motto for the FHA: “It doesn’t work, we know it doesn’t work, we’re going to do it anyway.”