What are we supposed to make of this:

World will end

This story came and went in the Sun three weeks ago, and no one seemed to think it unusual.

Nearly three-quarters of british Columbians believe life as we know it will end in another two or three generations unless drastic and immediate action is taken to curb global warming …

The headline is clearly overwrought. But the story is significant: people really think climate change is a big deal.

There are two kinds of leadership these days. Bush, Harper and Howard represent the school that hopes, by ignoring the underlying anxiety, action can be deferred. Unfortunately, Nature is not cooperating.

Blair, Gore and Dion represent the school that believes it’s time to get serious. But they haven’t put forth proposals or plans equal to the threat.

The danger is that this vacuum will be filled by apocolyptic charlatans, those for whom the end of the world offers a wonderful opportunity for power.

Or am I missing something?

Update: According to Gristmill: A 72% of majority of Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa say they consider global warming to be extremely (32%) or very (39%) serious — while another 15% say it is fairly serious. Only 11% dismiss it as just somewhat (9%) or not at all serious (2%).

What is it about 72 percent?