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Tweet of the Day — Giant Chandelier

December 1, 2015

RT @theemilyjackson: Giant chandelier approved for Granville Bridge. Sources say Burrard Bridge is totally jealous.


Burrard Bridge Numbers – November 2015

December 1, 2015

Had a great visit this morning with Richard Campbell, Eric Floden and the gang at Siegel’s Bagels.

The November numbers at the Burrard Bridge Bike Counter are:

November bikes:   67,435 (2.2% increase over Nov 2014)

Year to date:       1,337,189 (14.2% over YTD 2014).

I predict that the year-end total for 2015 will be close to 1.4 M bike trips, and that this total will occur late on Dec 31.

I wonder where I’ll be on New Year’s Eve at midnight.


Daily Durning 2 -Sad Cartoons

December 1, 2015

These are some Raeside cartoons from over 30 years ago. They came out around the same time as the Kerrisdale evictions. Mayor Campbell faced much public outcry.

However, at least in those days there was a federal/provincial non-profit housing policy.

I wonder if Vancouverites could envision that 30 years later things would be much worse?  It’s not like we didn’t see this coming.Housing.Cartoon


Real-time Map of Berlin Trains, Trams, Buses and Ferries

December 1, 2015

Thanks to Gladys We for the link to this fun site.

It took my computer a few minutes to get it all going, but it’s pretty cool.

The Berlin Transportation Authority has built a website where you can see all of the trains, trams, buses and ferries moving through the city in real-time. Real-time map of Berlin subway system.

Here’s some general info about the Berlin subway system and a map of the whole system.

For anyone who doesn’t speak German, here’s a translation guide:

Fernverkehr – long distance trains traveling through the city
Regionalverkehr – regional trains traveling through the city
S-Bahn – above-ground city trains (like the El in Chicago)
U-Bahn – subway trains
Fähre – ferry/boat traffic
Bahnhöfe/Haltestelle anzeigen – show bus stops and train stops and big train stations
Liniennummer und Pünktlichkeit anzeigen – show which subway line the train is on and if the train is running on time
Richtung – show direction train is going

The Daily Durning – Regional Planning

December 1, 2015

From Urban land — the Magazine of the Urban Land Institute

Better Regional Planning Is Key to “Selling” Higher Densities

The biggest challenge facing developers hoping to create high-density, livable communities is not always bureaucracy or funding—it is often the people in the neighborhood, Peter Calthorpe told attendees at the 2015 ULI Fall Meeting.

“NIMBYism is the biggest issue we have to confront,” said Calthorpe, head of Calthorpe Associates, during a panel discussion. Concepts like building dense public housing and taller buildings are often “scary to the people in the U.S.,” the new urbanism advocate said in his opening remarks.

In a far-ranging and lively discussion, the panel—moderated by John Fitzgerald, chief executive officer of ULI Asia Pacific, and Lisette van Doorn, chief executive officer of ULI Europe—provided a broad rundown of the issues inherent in and obstacles to creating denser, more walkable neighborhoods. But the dialogue repeatedly came back to the public perception of high-density projects and the objections found in many communities.



Another Brick In the Great Wall

December 1, 2015

Gord Price sends these along:

Amid Smog Wave, an Artist Molds a Potent Symbol of Beijing’s Pollution

Beijing has been swamped for days in a beige-gray miasma of smog, bringing coughs and rasping, hospitals crowded from respiratory ailments, a midday sky so dim that it could pass for evening, and head-shaking disgust from residents who had hoped the city was over the worst of its chronic pollution.

But “Brother Nut,” a performance artist, has something solid to show from the acrid soup in the air: a brick of condensed pollution.


 The Last Dalai Lama

The economic potency of China has made the Dalai Lama a political liability for an increasing number of world leaders, who now shy away from him for fear of inviting China’s wrath.






The “Ice Pick” Tower

December 1, 2015

Frances Bula writes in the Globe and Mail about this proposal and its opponents.

Cadillac Fairview is holding an open house on Thursday at the Fairmont Waterfront hotel to get public response to nine “design principles” and massing (general size and shape) options for the building that it says architects came up with after the city’s urban design panel turned down the original design in January.




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