Canada Line: We got it wrong

Bob Ransford just posted this:

When the Canada Line was being planned more than 15 years ago, the public was shown ridership models that said 70% of the ridership would be in the portion of the corridor between Waterfront Station and Oakridge Station.

Reality today is crush loads during rush hour from Richmond Brighouse all the way to Waterfront with lines at many VANCOUVER stations where crush-filled trains can’t accept more riders and near full loads at all hours just within Richmond alone. They got it wrong.

Transit drives housing development. So much for empty condos. Empty condos don’t drive this kind of heavy ridership.

Farm Vehicles in Richmond~The T-Shirt



In response to council’s decision to approve the planting of 10,700 square foot mansions (plus bonus housing of 3,200 square feet) on the supposedly protected Agricultural Land Reserve in the City of Richmond, a local designer has created the perfect ‘troll apparel’.

And apparently, it’s doing a fair job of reflecting public opinion.

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$40,000 Sends Delta Mayor and Staff East to Plead for Massey Bridge


In the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department, City of Delta council has authorized a payment of $40,000 for Delta Mayor Lois Jackson and select staff to spend four days in Ottawa, followed by three days at a conference in Quebec City.

They’ll have just missed the National Capital’s Tulip Festival, but they’ll be there to demand, among other things, that the federal government just get on with building the Massey Bridge — Delta tax dollars hard at work.

Never mind that there is no funding in the provincial budget for this ten-lane, overbuilt and over-thought span, which would effectively seal the industrialization of this part of the Fraser River. Read on >>

Downtown Vancouver Viaducts Teardown — Explainer

From About Here founder Uytae Lee — part of the team at Halifax-based PLANifax — comes the following video, entitled “Why are we getting rid of a highway in Vancouver?”.

It’s a cogent and thorough backgrounder on Vancouver’s viaduct teardown project.

It runs 5:28. It’s light, heavy, serious and fun at the same time. And it’s worth every second.

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Not Getting a Whole Lotta Love

Simple optics tells us plenty about status of folks upset over the new proposed levy on high-value homes in British Columbia.

And the Twitter thread gives plenty of hints about the collective reaction from the other side.

Tell ya what, folks, there’s a muscle-car mayor out there just for you.

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Parking and the City — Donald Shoup

Is storage of motor vehicles (a.k.a. parking) a topic that needs a further look? Or will it remain a blind spot?

Donald Shoup offers, for free, the introduction to his new book “Parking and the City” (93 pages).

The introduction itself is a short and updated version of “The High Cost of Free Parking“, his classic book from 2005 that changed city planners’ thinking about storing motor vehicles. And how parking solidifies motordom’s iron grip on our cities.

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