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Conference: BC Bikes in Victoria – Oct 17

September 26, 2014

BC Bikes 2014 Victoria
Oct 17-19


BC Bikes provides an opportunity for cycling advocates and professionals from across the province to come together.   Key components of BC Bikes 2014 are the CyclotouringBC Workshop and Bike Sense Workshop the both of which are on October 17.
The BCCC, Canada Bikes and Bike to Work BC AGMs are being held in conjunction with BC Bikes.
Todd Litman will be giving the keynote presentation Spread the Word: Bicycling is Great!
Kimberly Nelson of Bike Calgary will be sharing their successful campaign for a downtown cycle track network.

More details in the Draft Program.

Register Now.


Call for Directors
We are seeking people dedicated to moving cycling forward to join the board in a few positions including SecretaryIndividual Engagement and Fundraising ChairBusiness Engagement and Fundraising Chair and Advocacy Chair.

Helmetless in Seattle

September 26, 2014

Vancouver’s not the only place struggling with the impact of a helmet law on the introduction of bike-sharing.  But as Ansel Herz reports in The Stranger, there is an upside: cool free helmets.Screen_Shot_2014-09-25_at_12.12.49_PM.png

Earlier this month, I looked at bike share programs around the world and found that the only places where they weren’t wildly successful were cities with helmet laws. Places like Mexico City and Dallas repealed and scaled back their helmet laws, respectively, before the launch of their bike share programs.

Here in Seattle, the people planning Pronto Cycle Share thought they had an elegant solution: helmet-dispensing machines at every bike kiosk.

How’s that working out so far? Not well. HelmetHubs, the maker of these helmet vending machines—which have never been fully tested in a big-city bike share program—won’t have them ready until next February at the earliest. That’s five months after Pronto Cycle Share launches on October 13. …

The system will launch with boxes of helmets at bike share stations where you can just walk up and pull out a helmet—for free. …

One incentive to hang on to the free helmets, rather than toss them to the curb: Local politicians (and bicycling advocates) have been treating our local helmet law like a sacred cow and Seattle police just announced they’re going to more aggressively enforce it, despite the lessons from other cities that have struggled to incorporate both helmet laws and bike share programs.

Viewpoint: The Street Photography of Waxy

September 26, 2014

Lisa Moffatt suggests “you would also enjoy ‘Waxy’s photographs (John Goldsmith).”

This is correct.



JG 1

JG 2


Many more here in his Flickr stream.

Empty Housing: Much Ado about Much Ado

September 26, 2014

Urban Futures jumps into the empty-housing debate:


Much Ado About Nothing: What the Census data say, and don’t say, about foreign & temporary residents and unoccupied dwellings

With recent headlines speculating on the share of the City’ unoccupied housing stock ranging between 25 and 50 percent, we thought it was time to resend a link to a report that examines the scale of unoccupied units throughout the region’s municipalities and how we compared to other major metropolitan regions in Canada.

Using a tabulation of Statistics Canada’s 2011 Census count data (the 100 percent compulsory sample data rather than the voluntary National Household Survey) which detailed unoccupied units by structure type and units occupied by foreign and temporary residents, we found that the share of unoccupied units in the region, at 5% of the dwelling stock, fell just about spot on the national average.

Further to this, in considering the data for the City of Vancouver, we found that the share of units unoccupied in the City, at 6%, was only marginally above the region-wide average.  Interestingly, much of the difference is explained by the City of Vancouver having a greater share of its housing stock as apartments, and a larger share of apartment units typically being unoccupied relative to ground oriented formats. …

For the overview click here

For the Technical document click here

The Daily Scot: Lights on Davie

September 26, 2014

Great new lights strung down Vancouver’s Davie Village.  Ranging from rainbows to lasers up and down the street.



Ohrn Words: A new feature on civic issues

September 26, 2014

Ken Ohrn as a photographer has been contributing images to Price Tags for some time now, adding a wonderful visual rhythm to the flow of posts.  But Ken Ohrn as a writer also deserves some space, particularly his insights, often acerbic, on the civic scene.  With the municipal election gearing up, this seems like an apt time to start a new feature: Ohrn Words.

Like these:


Cedar Leader Confuses Reader

The leader and mayoral candidate of the Cedar Party, (“Making the World Safe For Muscle Cars”), Glen Chernen has withdrawn from the Vancouver civic mayoral race and joined a non-Vision, non-NPA coalition (a.k.a. the Ragtags). He’ll still run for councilor.

Apparently, Cedar has decided that Bob Kasting (independent) is a better choice for Mayor.  In turn, Mr. Kasting thinks the Green Party’s principles are remarkably similar to his, and that Cedar’s interests align with his (where muscle cars and anti-bike rhetoric fit in I do not know).  TEAM’s spokesperson, according to The Straight, likes the Ragtags as well.

The Daily Durning: Row Houses

September 25, 2014

From the back: row houses in Montreal.





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