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Annals of Cycling – 106: Bike ‘sharing’ … seniors … surveys … Amsterdam in the 50s

August 12, 2013




From HuffPost:

 a new iPhone app called Spinlister is aiming to connect bicycle owners with people who want to rent different types of bicycles and for longer periods of time.

The app enables renters to find nearby bikes on a map and to filter by the type of bike they’re looking for, as well as the price, height and availability





From Copenhagen Cycle Chic:

… a start-up organisation called Cycling Without Age … mission is to extend the cycling life of every senior resident by setting up rickshaw-cycling-tour schemes in nursing homes across Denmark and hopefully abroad too.

It’s a pretty simple idea, CWA links each senior resident up with a willing chauffeur from its online platform of volunteers and off they go in their allocated Christania bikes. They can choose to go in small groups or go solo, however, it’s up to the passenger to decide which direction to take!

Cycling without age


Someone needs to connect CWA with the Seniors Advisory Committee at City Hall, whose representative at the public hearing on the Point Grey corridor seemed to be of the opinion that seniors needed to be driven to any destination and a parking space had to be immediately adjacent – effectively classifying seniors as a class of disabled people.  As for the idea that seniors could cycle as a normal form of transportation … well, that was simply assumed to be not an option.

Cycling age





Useful for anyone developing bicycle paths/trails, particularly outside of urban areas.

The report compiles survey responses from state departments of transportation (DOTs), bicycle and pedestrian coordinators, volunteers, and bicycle and trail advocates working on the project. After the survey was completed, Toole Design conducted in depth interviews with eight states, documenting the implementation methods each state used to plan and designate their U.S. Bike Routes (USBRs).

A direct 2 Mb download at:    U.S Bicycle Route System: Surveys and Case Studies of Practices from Around the Country (PDF).




Almost poetic: “A city that appears to be built not upon this earth but on its own mirrored reflection….”  But then there’s that accent and that humour: “Let go of that guy, sister!  In this mob scene (of bicycles), it’s every guy for himself.”


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Chris B permalink
    August 12, 2013 9:50 am

    My Dad is 68 (almost) and while he doesn’t cycle everywhere, at least once a week he will do some of his South Surrey based errands on a bike.

  2. August 12, 2013 11:51 am

    It seems to be a widespread misunderstanding in this region that on reaching the age of 65 you automatically qualify for handyDART

  3. Penny permalink
    August 12, 2013 5:12 pm

    I’m a senior who does all her groceries/errards/appointments/socialising by bike and has done for many years. I’ve ridden in a car 6 times in the past year and driven not at all. Three of the trips were in taxis back from VGH post surgery (myself and my partner’s). I have (female) cycling buddies of 68 and 72, one of whom only uses bike/transit/walking – like me, has no car.

    I watched almost all of the Point Grey public hearing online and particularly liked the ‘concerned resident’ who commented that seniors just don’t cycle. She added, she was sure there would be cyclists coming on to talk after her who were seniors, but all the studies showing that seniors cycle, including the research coming out of Europe were ‘just rubbish’.

    And with that striking piece of logic, we all ceased to exist for her!

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