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Annals of Cycling – 27

August 25, 2011

An occasional update on items from the Velo-city.




Chad Skelton continues his series in The Sun on what the census data from 2006 reveals about us – in this case, where we cycle:

More residents bike to work in the Vancouver neighbourhood of south Cambie than anywhere else in Metro Vancouver, according to census data.  Based on the 2006 census, about two per cent of Metro Vancouver residents commute to work by bike. But in south Cambie, 12 per cent of residents take their bike to work, the highest rate in the region.

Not coincidentally, there’s a movement to get the main bike route through that neighbourhood – 10th Avenue – named after Jack Layton.  Details here.




This is Danny Macaskill, a Brit, and he’s amazing.  And the setting has to be a metaphor for something.




Will electric-assist bikes be the next big wave?  They’re on their way:

New to the Smart line-up for 2012 will be the Smart Ebike, a plug-in electric bicycle, which will also be unveiled in Frankfurt. It uses a 250-watt brushless electric hub motor mounted within the 26-inch rear wheel to supplement the power produced by pedaling. Three gears and four power levels let riders choose how much effort they expend and how much the bike provides.

And check out this item in Malcolm Parry’s column in the Sun on a local entrepreneur – Steve Miloshev – who is importing electric bikes-cum-scooters for the Canadian market.

UPDATE: A further article in the Sun –  

Eco-friendly scooters see a surge in popularity




Matt Chambers in The Dependent does another amazing undercover job on bike thieves, along with some smart advice:

Faced with such a well-armed and organized foe, the Vancouver cyclist might find themselves wondering what, if anything, can be done. Fret not, brothers and sisters, for there are ways to mitigate the risks: First and foremost, ditch that cable lock – the favourite lock of the bike thief – and pick yourself up a quality u-lock, or chain. Medium risk rating is the absolute minimum, and locks that come with anti-theft guarantees in the form of financial compensation are generally good choices.


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  1. Agustín permalink
    August 25, 2011 9:42 am

    “Not coincidentally, there’s a movement to get the main bike route through that neighbourhood – 10th Avenue – named after Jack Layton.”

    Please, let’s not politicize cycling any more than it already is!

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